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Smart Visor


The Smart Visor consists of the current style sun visor in your everyday car. It will have a motor attached to it that is controlled by a microcontroller. It will take inputs from three sensors, a photoresistor, a compass, and a clock. Using these inputs, it will be able to determine the car’s directional heading, combined with the time of day(Sunrise and Sunset) it will lower the visor to protect the driver's eyes from the sunlight. It will also be able to lower the visor if there is only an increase in light levels if it is outside of the sunrise and sunset time frame.

Innovation Claim

This project is innovative because it takes the regular sun visor from a vehicle and turns it into a smart visor by incorporating a microcontroller that uses inputs from three sensors to autonomously adjust the sun visor for the driver. This improves safety by allowing for more hands-free driving and improved visibility for the driver.

CAD Design Assembly

Prototype V1 Assembly

Prototype V2

Internal Circuit Board

Prototype V2 Assembly

Prototype V2